Clothes+ Colour= Your Mood & Attitude

Colours, as science defines, are nothing but wavelengths that an object reflects. But haven’t colours always been the way we perceive or identify things or objects or more specifically ‘persons’?

Dressing in the most appropriate colours is essential and thus has been equally important in carving identities for various ethnic groups and cultures, all across the Indian subcontinent, over centuries of existence. Be it a vibrant ‘RED’ for a marriage function, a perky ‘BLACK’ for a party or a snowy ‘WHITE’ for holi. Indian tradition has specially been a festive blend of colours.

In addition to make one look and feel good, colourful clothes also infuse a sense of self-confidence in an individual. So, wear more colours and create an exceptionally impressive outward image this summer with latest range of ethnic-wear from SHUBHAMFASHIONS.COM.