Walking down the memory lane

I still remember flipping through my dadiji’s photo albums, adoring all those sarees she used to wear back them. They were so unique, that each one seemed like a piece of art. Gosh, I wish I could have some of that sort, but to my agony, they don’t make such stuff anymore.

I sat sad, wishing, if I would have some pictures of me, wearing such elegant sarees, even my kids would have something to ‘wow’ on. To my surprise, one fine day, my aunt told me about a web-store, showing me the saree that she just bought. My oh my!! This was something that I have always wanted. www.mahotsav.online  is the answer to my prayers. I ordered 5 for me, right away.

This web-store sells sarees that are a smooth blend of contemporary designs and traditional choice of fabric. Simply love it!